Monday, 5 July 2010


Roberto King (1997 - 2002)

As reported in the Autumn 2009 newsletter, Roberto gained his PhD from Loughborough University in September and we are delighted that he will be the guest of honour at Speech Day this September !

As part of Roberto’s thesis, he discovered a ground breaking new technique in forensics which involves the transfer of inks that allow the lifting of fingerprints from bodies and bullets. This came to the attention of the Ministry of Defence, which led to sponsorship by the MoD to further develop the technique. He has since been asked by the Coroner’s office in Orange County, USA to develop a portable version of his machine to take to crime scenes.

Roberto’s work has attracted a lot of attention within the scientific community and has been published in a number of journals. It was featured in an episode of the US crime drama NUMB3RS, which deals with crime scene investigation.